Tucker Carlson: 'Humor Is Dead; Politics Killed It'

Craig Bannister | June 1, 2017 | 11:13am EDT
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Tucker Carlson

“Humor is dead; politics killed it,” Tucker Carlson declared after comedian Kathy Griffin held up, ISIS-style, a fake, bloodied severed head of President Donald Trump.

On his Thursday television program, Carlson bemoaned that so-called comedians like Kathy Griffin and Samantha Bee have stopped even trying to be funny.

Instead, they’re just appealing to the malicious attitudes of people who agree with their politics:

“People clap for her, not because they’re amused, but because they agree with her politics. That’s not art. It’s affirmation.

“An awful lot of comedy is like that all of a sudden. Ever watch Samantha Bee? If you like preachy self-righteousness in massive doses, that’s the show for you.

“Or try John Oliver – you get the same thing there - or Bill Maher or Trevor Noah, or Stephen Colbert. Some of these guys used to be funny, a long time ago – but, not Samantha Bee, she was never funny.”

And, because it’s working, all entertainers have been forced to abandon humor in order to preach liberal political propaganda:

“Now, they are playing to the biases and vanities of their audiences and it's working, unfortunately, which means they are all the exactly the same, prisoners of conformity, which is always the sworn enemy of art. Step out of line, and you pay the price.”

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