Trump’s Border Security Success ‘Is Nothing Less Than Miraculous,’ Agents’ Union Says

By Craig Bannister | August 1, 2017 | 12:55pm EDT
Border Agent Union President Brandon Judd

“What President Trump has done in such a short time as it pertains to border security is nothing less than miraculous,” the president of the Border Patrol union tells

Brandon Judd, President National Border Patrol Council, attributes President Donald Trump’s unparalleled success to his strong rhetoric, but tells that now it’s up to Congress to back Trump up with action:

“What President Trump has done in such a short time as it pertains to border security is nothing less than miraculous. No other president has been able to cut the number of illegal border crossings as President Trump has, and it's been strictly due to his rhetoric. As the numbers steadily increase, however, it is time for Congress to act.”

Judd also expressed support for comments made last week by House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), who promised to “take action on key elements of the president’s strategy to secure our borders, including the resources for a physical barrier.”

Rep. Ryan said border agents are telling him that building a border wall is a necessity:

“There is a need for a physical barrier on many parts of this border” because “that is what the border patrol, the experts on the ground, who are in charge of keeping us safe and enforcing our laws, are telling us.”

But, building a wall in strategic locations isn’t enough, Judd says, because it’s essential to build a secondary fence behind it. Judd points to the “game changer” success of secondary fences already deployed in San Diego and El Paso:

“We are encouraged by Speaker Ryan's recent comments. We have long advocated for building strategic barriers in areas throughout the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo and on the Tohono O'odham Reservation in the Tucson sector.

“It is also critical that any wall must include a secondary fence like what you find in San Diego and El Paso. The secondary fence has been a game changer. Very few people that are trying to evade apprehension try to cross the border where a primary and secondary fence exists.”

Judd also refuted the complaint of those in Congress who argue the U.S. can’t afford to secure the border. Judd said that the high cost of illegal alien crime and drug smuggling far exceeds that of securing the border:

“As Congress returns to work on the budget, President Trump's plan to secure the border will be center stage. Securing the border will require two things: an investment in infrastructure and cultural change among management to create an environment where the U.S. Border Patrol is recruiting and retaining the best of the best.”

“Some in Congress will cry that the expense of securing the border is too high. The truth is that we have already seen what doing nothing costs. Communities throughout our nation are facing drug epidemics fueled by heroin and meth smuggled over the United States-Mexico border. Criminals from Mexico have entered the United States illegally and victimized Americans here at home.

“The harsh reality is that we can no longer afford to do nothing.”

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