Trump: Human Traffickers With Bound and Gagged Women ‘Don’t Go Through Checkpoints'

By Craig Bannister | January 14, 2019 | 8:50am EST
Pres. Donald Trump (Screenshot)

Friday, upon returning from his trip to the U.S. southern border, President Donald Trump said that only “a very powerful wall or steel barrier” can thwart human traffickers entering the U.S.

“So, we’re here today to discuss the humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border,” Trump told a White House gathering of state, local and community leaders. He then described the horrors of women who are bound and gagged by traffickers, crammed into vehicles “three, four, five, six at a time,” and smuggled against their will into the U.S.:

"Human trafficking: grabbing women, in particular, and children - but, women -  taping them up, wrapping tape around their mouths so they can’t shout or scream. Tying up their hands behind their back, and even their legs, and putting them in the back seat of a car or a van – three, four, five, six, seven at a time."

Human traffickers don’t enter through official U.S. checkpoints – they go through unsecured areas on the border that don’t have a wall or steel barrier – Trump said, describing the tactics used by the human smugglers to break into the U.S. undetected:

“They don’t go through checkpoints – they go through areas that don’t have a wall or don’t have a steel barrier.

“They go up to the checkpoint, and before they get to it, they make a right or a left, depending on where they are. And, they go out into the desert, or out into the land, and they find the first area that doesn’t have anything blocking its way. And they have many highways all over the place – you can see it all over the place, and it’s not good.”

Only “very powerful wall or steel barrier” can stop this human trafficking, Trump said.

“And, the only way you’re going to stop it – the only way to stop it, without question, is with a very powerful wall or steel barrier.”


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