Thanksgiving Dinner to Be the Costliest Ever Due to Inflation and Supply Chain Problems, Media Reports Warn

Craig Bannister | November 15, 2021 | 11:57am EST
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“Last, year Fauci wouldn’t let you have Thanksgiving with your family. This year, Joe Biden made it so your family can barely afford it,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) tweeted Monday amid news reports that this year’s Thanksgiving will be the most expensive ever, due to rampant inflation and supply change issues.

Indeed, “American households are about to eat their costliest Thanksgiving dinner ever. That is, if they can find the turkey,” Bloomberg reports.

“A family of four can expect to spend at least $26.57 to put the classic Thanksgiving dinner on the table, up about 10% from 2020, not counting the extra $18 a week drivers are spending at the pump,” Financial Analyst Daniel Roccato tells Bloomberg.

Likewise, Chicago’s Daily Herald reports that, “With food prices up more than 6%, Thanksgiving dinner this year is expected to cost more” this year. And, people serving the traditional Thanksgiving turkey will be hit with a double-digit percentage price hike, The Herald notes:

“Because of higher feed prices and supply disruptions, consumers can expect to pay about 10% more per bird this year.”

“There's going to be an extra guest at Thanksgiving dinner this year, making it more expensive than ever. It's inflation…with the largest gains driven by price increases of meat, poultry, fish and eggs,” CNBC’s “Money Report” warns.

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