Ted Cruz: ‘We’re Teaching Our Children to Obey Arbitrary Gov’t Mandates that Just Drill into Their Everyday Lives’

Craig Bannister | April 30, 2021 | 2:11pm EDT
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Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) says he’s worried that today’s kids, such as his two young girls, are being taught blind obedience to arbitrary government rules – and that the Left is happy about it.

Appearing on Fox Business Channel, Sen. Cruz warned that President Joe Biden’s message to the nation about COVID-19 and mask mandates is “all about power and control,” not public safety:

“This all about power and control. Look, Biden’s speech was predicated on declaring the world is in crisis, the crisis is existential, and the only answer is massive government spending and massive taxes – which, by the way, was his agenda before COVID came along, to begin with.”

“If you’re willing to docilely obey orders, there’s no limit to the orders you’re going to obey,” Cruz said, warning about the consequences teaching today’s children to blindly accept and obey arbitrary government edicts:

“What really worries me is the kids and the lesson that the kids are getting.

“Our girls are 10 and 13. And, we are teaching our children to obey arbitrary government mandates that just drill into their everyday lives. And, I worry about the long-term consequence of that – and the Left is quite happy with that.

“Because, if you’re willing to docilely obey orders, there’s no limit to the orders you’re going to obey.”

Cruz also mocked Biden for telling an interviewer that they could be 15 feet apart without wearing masks, but if they were closer, they’d have to don them:

“That’s really idiotic because if you had, say, a pizza between you, suddenly, magically the COVID germs would disappear, the virus would no longer exist. It makes zero sense.

“And, my view on masks is I’m not an extremist on either side. I’ve worn masks, particularly during the height of the pandemic, when I go out and get on an airplane or go to a restaurant or even, for that matter, when I went to the State of the Union address. I wore a mask then. But, I’ve also been vaccinated.

“And, I don’t view this mask as this talisman of virtue and righteousness.”

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