Suit Seeks to Stop 'Unbearable Stench’ of San Francisco Pot Plantation

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | August 30, 2018 | 12:25 PM EDT

Pot Plantation (Screenshot)

A lawsuit by neighbors of a San Francisco Bay Area marijuana plantation seeks to rid the city of the “unbearable stench” wafting from its greenhouses – and it’s not the first time San Franciscans have fought objectionable orders produced by a local business.

The plantation is home to 40 cannabis greenhouses, The San Francisco Chronicle reported Wednesday,

“The neighbors claim the plantation on 3062 Adobe Road, near Petaluma, has disturbed the tranquillity (sic) of the area with constant noise and an “unbearable stench” emanating from 40 cannabis greenhouses.”

“The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, is an example of the growing impatience in many communities about the many remaining illegal marijuana operations in California and the seeming inability of cities and counties to control them or enforce regulations.”

In 2013, San Franciscans succeeded to prompting the closure of another business producing a smell they didn’t like: bacon.

The San Francisco Examiner reported on the neighbors' attack on a local pork-product restaraunt in its March 12, 2013 article, “San Francisco restaurant Bacon Bacon facing complaint over smell of main product.”

“Bacon Bacon owner Jim Angelus said Tuesday that the neighbor’s main concern is the smell coming from the business, which specializes in sandwiches highlighting bacon.”

“Angelus said the neighbor had requested a filtration system be put on the roof in order to disperse the smell of bacon. He said he will install one so long as The City approves the work.

“Long story short, the [neighbor] said he’s just concerned about the smells that come from my shop,” Angelus said.”

But, three days later, the newspaper reported: “Bacon, Bacon Aroma Set to End”:

“But now a popular pork-focused restaurant in the Upper Haight must close its doors Friday following months of failed negotiations with neighbors over neighborhood concerns about porcine aroma and grease disposal.”

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