Students Ban National Anthem at California High School

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | February 14, 2018 | 10:42 AM EST

Pres. Trump honoring Anthem. (Screenshot)

Students offended by the third verse of the National Anthem have banned it at one California high school – and school officials say they’re okay with the move.

The move is tied to a national controversy over the Anthem, The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

“Students at California High School in San Ramon decided at a recent pep rally that the national anthem will no longer be played, bucking tradition and drawing the school into a national controversy about what and whom the anthem represents.”

The school district has voiced support for dropping the nation’s anthem:

"School administrators referred questions to Elizabeth Graswich, director of communications for the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. Graswich emailed a statement to The Chronicle, emphasizing the students’ autonomy in making decisions on rallies.

“'The students made their decision after learning that the third verse is seen as offensive to some groups,' Graswich wrote. 'The ASB is committed to creating a school culture that is welcoming to all students.'”

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