Starbucks CEO Thrice Denies Knowing About Company’s Donations to Planned Parenthood

Craig Bannister | May 30, 2018 | 8:47pm EDT
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Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson (Screenshot)

On Wednesday, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson thrice denied knowledge of his company’s donations to the largest abortion provider in the U.S., Planned Parenthood.

In an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, Johnson was asked about the company’s financial support of Planned Parenthood in light of objects raised by Aveda King:

Bartiromo: “I don’t know if you saw Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece op-ed in the Washington Examiner. And she said, ‘If Starbucks wants to end racism it will stop funding Planned Parenthood.’ Are you going to stop funding Planned Parenthood?”

Johnson: “Well I am not aware that we, we do fund Planned Parenthood. So. I haven’t read the op-ed and I can’t comment on that.”

Bartiromo: “OK.”

Johnson: “But, I am not aware that we do that.”

Bartiromo: “Well, Alveda King says ‘Starbucks had racism in its corporate identity long before the April arrest [of two black men who refused to leave a store]. Through its corporate donations, it contributes to one of the most racist organizations in our nation’s history Planned Parenthood, the largest signing provider of abortions in the United States.’ And again, this is from Alveda King in the Washington Examiner.”

Johnson: “Well, I am not aware of it.”

But, as NewsBusters reports:

“Starbucks' support of Planned Parenthood is an established fact:

“(It) matches gifts to Planned Parenthood.

“... (It) matches gifts to Susan G. Komen NYC and MN chapters, which fund Planned Parenthood.”

Likewise, The Daily Signal has previously reported on Starbucks’ donations to Planned Parenthood.

In addition to the op-ed, a letter signed by Alveda King, ForAmerica President L. Brent Bozell, Richard Viguerie, chairman of, and many other pro-life leaders was sent to Starbucks on Monday, noting how Planned Parenthood’s racist, genocidal legacy conflicts with the coffee shop’s claim its “founding values are based on humanity and inclusion”:

“Where is the ‘humanity’ and ‘inclusion’ when your company matches employees’ donations to Planned Parenthood, whose founder Margaret Sanger was an outspoken racist with genocidal intentions?”

If Starbucks actually wants to reject racist business practices, the letter says, it should stop funding an organization that terminates the lives of minorities:

“If Starbucks wants to own the corporate mantle of ending racist business practices, then we challenge you to stop funding Planned Parenthood’s House of Horrors which has taken precious lives away from minority communities; and from society at large.”

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