Sen. Cruz: “These Politicians Say They Don’t Give a Damn: ‘Either Obey, Comply – or You’re Fired’’

Craig Bannister | December 15, 2021 | 4:57pm EST
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Sen. Ted Cruz
(Getty Images/Mandel Ngan)

“In a time of crisis, character is revealed” – and Democrat politicians have shown themselves to be petty tyrants – Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) says, blasting federal and state government vaccine mandates threatening the jobs of doctors, nurses, police and firefighters across the country.



“Democrat politicians are authoritarians,” Sen. Cruz said in video of an interview he posted on Twitter Wednesday:

“And, on the Democratic side in this time of crisis, we've seen that Democratic politicians are authoritarians. They will control your life, they will order you to obey – and they will destroy you, if you don't.”

“These politicians say they don’t give a damn: ‘Either obey, comply – or you’re fired,’ Sen. Cruz added.

Cruz detailed the plight of doctors and nurses who have chosen not to be vaccinated and are facing cruel and vindictive government reprisals:

“Doctors and nurses are choosing not to take the vaccine, for religious reasons, and they’re facing an order to be fired. Number one, they’re going to be fired.

“And, number two, the New York government – in really a punitive, vindictive way – is saying, ‘We’re going to fire you and you’re ineligible for unemployment. So, we are just going to punish you.’

“And, I’ve got to say: that is just wrong.”

“I’m pro-vaccine…but, I also believe in individual liberty, individual responsibility,” Cruz said, adding that “No government petty tyrant has the right to order you to undergo a medical procedure.”

“The government has no business ordering you to make health care choices. That ought to be a choice for you and your doctor,” Cruz said.

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