Sen. Cruz Gets a Haircut at Shelley Luther’s Dallas Salon After Texas Supreme Court Trims Her Jail Sentence

Craig Bannister | May 8, 2020 | 4:20pm EDT
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On Friday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) paid a visit to the salon of Shelly Luther who was freed Thursday from her seven-day jail sentence for trying to earn and living and feed her family amid the state’s coronavirus shutdown.

On Thursday, the Texas Supreme Court freed Luther as public outrage and Republican objections to her incarceration drew national attention to her plight. The court's ruling prompted Sen. Cruz to celebrate her release by getting his first haircut in three months - at Luther's Salon à la Mode. Luther had served two days of her seven day sentence for cutting hair, but she can do so legally now that Gov. Greg Abbott has permitted salons to reopen. 

The judge’s sentencing of Luther was “not right,” “not justice” – and “not Texas,” Cruz said following his haircut, local CBS 11 News reports:

“I’m proud to stand with Shelly Luther. What happened to her was wrong. It was ridiculous to see someone sentenced to seven days in jail for cutting hair. That’s not right, that’s not justice and that’s not Texas,” Cruz told reporters after his haircut.

“We’re thrilled to be with you and know the whole State of Texas is standing with you, so thank you for your courage,” Sen. Cruz told Luther during his visit.


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