Sen. Cruz: 12 Major U.S. Cities Set Homicide Rate Records in 2021 and ‘Every Single One of Them Is Run by Democrats’

Craig Bannister | February 10, 2022 | 9:37am EST
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Sen. Ted Cruz
(Getty Images/Mandel Ngan)

On Wednesday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) denounced Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies and explained how Americans across the country are suffering the consequences of those policies.

“Crime is surging across this country. Murder rates are rising. Assault rates are rising. Carjacking rates are rising,” Sen. Cruz declared at a Senate GOP press briefing.

“Last year, 12 major American cities broke records in homicide rates: Portland, Indianapolis, Toledo, Rochester, St. Paul, Tucson, Albuquerque, Louisville, Columbus, Baton Rouge, Austin and Philadelphia,” Cruz said.

“What do those 12 cities have in common? Every single one of them is run by Democrats. All of them,” Cruz said.

“The crime that we are seeing surging across this country is a direct result of Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies,” Sen. Cruz said, noting how President Joe Biden nominated, and Democrats confirmed, two “defund the police” advocates to top positions at the Justice Department:

“Joe Biden nominated not one, but two, of the leading advocates in the country for abolishing the police to senior roles at the U.S. Department of Justice.

“Every single Senate Democrat voted to confirm two of the leading advocates of abolishing the police to senior positions at the Department of Justice.”

Cruz singled out one of Biden’s nominees, Rachael S. Rollins, who is backed by liberal activist billionaire George Soros and was confirmed by the Senate as the U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts after having served as Suffolk County District Attorney since 2019:

“Pres. Biden nominated Rachael Rollins to be the U.S. attorney of the commonwealth of Massachusetts. Rachel Rollins is one of the many Soros D.A.s who, as district attorney in Suffolk County, put out a list of 15 crimes her prosecutors were not allowed to prosecute.”

All it would’ve taken is for just one Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee to stand up for law enforcement, in order to prevent Rollins and other anti-police nominees like her, to be kept out of top Justice Department positions, Cruz said:

“If one Senate Democrat on the Judiciary Committee had said, ‘No,’ Rachael Rollins, this incredibly soft-on-crime Soros D.A. - who effectively abolished the police by ordering her prosecutors not to prosecute drug crimes, not to prosecute resisting arrest, not to prosecute trespassing – we’re seeing in stores across the country looters breaking in, mocking the law, because Democrats won’t prosecute them.”

“At any point, one Senate Democrat could had stood up and said, ‘Enough is enough.’ If one Senate Democrat on the Judiciary Committee had said, ‘No,’ these advocates for abolishing the police would not be senior members of the Department of Justice.”

“It’s not right. It’s not fair and we need to keep people safe,” Cruz concluded.

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