Scalise: ‘WATCH Every Single Expert Witness at [Tuesday’s] COVID-19 Origins Hearing Told Congress It Came from a Lab’

By Craig Bannister | July 1, 2021 | 10:29am EDT
Dr. Steven Quay

“Will the media and Big Tech be apologizing” to people who said the coronavirus originated in a lab, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) asked Wednesday, posting a video montage of doctors saying that it did.

On Tuesday, House Republicans held a hearing investigating the origins of coronavirus, where “every single expert witness” concluded that the coronavirus came from a laboratory, rather than from natural causes, Scalise tweeted, introducing the video:

“WATCH → Every single expert witness at yesterday’s COVID-19 origins hearing told Congress it came from a lab. Will the media and Big Tech be apologizing for calling people conspiracy theorists for saying that?”

“The evidence conclusively establishes that the COVID pandemic was not a natural process, but instead came from a laboratory in China. And, it has the fingerprints of genetic manipulation,” Dr. Steve Quay told the hearing.

“There are, in my mind, five compelling sets scientific evidence that allow us to reach this very strong conclusion that, yes, it was a laboratory leak,” Dr. Richard Muller concluded.

“The most likely origin was an accidental infection of laboratory personnel from the Wuhan Institute.” “It was funded by the military; I’m very confident of that,” Dr. Brett Giroir added.

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