​​​​​​​Scalise Lists ‘What People Want’ and ‘What Biden Has Done,’ Says ‘Families Will Pay the Price’

By Craig Bannister | March 1, 2021 | 1:34pm EST
Rep. Steve Scalise

“Families will pay the price” for President Joe Biden choosing the agenda of the radical left over the needs of the American people, House Republican Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) says.

In a Monday tweet, Scalise posted two lists, contrasting “What people want” with “What Biden has done”:

What people want:

- Open schools

- American jobs

- Secure border


What Biden has done:

- Sided w/ unions keeping schools closed

- Killed thousands of jobs with radical energy policies

- Halted wall construction & deportations


He caved to the Left—and families will pay the price.



Biden’s energy policies have had a “devastating impact on jobs,” while his rejection of science in order to keep schools closed has made parents furious, regardless of their political leanings, Scalise says in a video clip he embedded in the tweet:

“And you’ve seen Joe Biden working with Nancy Pelosi to move so far to the radical left in such a short period of time. Just what he’s done on energy, to kill the Keystone pipeline. To put a freeze on leases and on permits, it’s been riveting and devastating to the energy industry all across this country.

“States like Pennsylvania. States like Ohio. All across the nation. Obviously, Louisiana, Mississippi, we see it. North Dakota, Oklahoma. No matter where you go, you’re seeing the devastating impact on jobs.

“Just the issue of reopening schools, where Joe Biden is going against the science. And Nancy Pelosi and Biden are supporting the teachers’ unions over students in America.

“There are parents all across the country that I’ve heard from – Republican, Democrat, Independent – who are livid that the Democrats in Washington are siding with the unions over the students and the science.”

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