Rev. Graham: “The Very Development & Filming of ‘The Hunt’ Shows Just How Sick Liberal Left in Hollywood Are”

Craig Bannister | August 12, 2019 | 10:08am EDT
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Even though the release of a film about men hunting supporters of President Donald Trump has been cancelled, the very fact that Hollywood greenlighted the project for development and production is a sign of the sickness that has infected the industry, Reverend Franklin Graham said Sunday.

In a series of tweets replying to a story in “The Hill” reporting that the movie’s release has been cancelled in the wake of recent mass shootings, Rev. Graham denounced Universal’s “The Hunt,” a movie in which Trump supporters (dubbed, “deplorables” by Democrat Hillary Clinton) are hunted for sport.

The approval, financing and production of a film that suggests politically-motivated violence is acceptable “shows just how sick the liberal left in Hollywood have become,” Graham wrote:

@UniversalPics is cancelling the release of “The Hunt,” a movie scheduled to come out next month which portrayed the hunting down of “deplorables,”—referencing @HillaryClinton’s 2016 term for @realDonaldTrump supporters. 1/3

The very development & filming of “The Hunt” shows just how sick the liberal left in Hollywood are. That they would spend money to make such a violent, politically-charged film like this, considering the state our country is in, is inconceivable. 2/3

To plant the thought in someone’s mind that it’s okay to shoot a person because they wear a MAGA hat or hold conservative viewpoints that may differ from theirs is reckless & reprehensible. That’s not satire or entertainment—that’s sowing seeds of discord & violence. 3/3


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