Rev. Franklin Graham: ‘Wake Up America! What the Socialist Politicians Are Doing to this Country Is Dangerous’

Craig Bannister | August 26, 2022 | 2:15pm EDT
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Rev. Franklin Graham
(Getty Images/Logan Cyrus)

“When will the American people wake up?” Rev. Franklin Graham asked Friday, warning that self-serving socialist ploys - like Democrats’ so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” and Pres. Joe Biden’s cancellation of student loan debt – are destroying the U.S. economy and inflicting severe hardship on average American families.

“Wake up America! What the socialist politicians are doing to this country is dangerous,” Rev. Graham tweeted, condemning the Inflation Reduction Act as a political “market ploy” that will actually make inflation worse:

“$739 billion for an “Inflation Reduction” bill which is nothing more than a marketing ploy that will do nothing to reduce inflation—in fact, many feel it will exacerbate inflation.”

Biden’s multi-billion-dollar cancellation of student loans unjustly shifts the cost to millions of hard-working Americans who haven’t racked up debt, Graham explained in his next post:

“Then, spending $300 billion in tax dollars to pay off student loans? It is so unfair to the millions & millions of hard-working Americans who didn’t incur this debt & will now have to pay for it.”

Americans need to wake up and realize that socialist politicians are devastating America’s economy and citizens in a selfish effort to buy votes, Rev. Graham tweeted;

“This reckless spending is an attempt to try to secure midterm elections. They’ve set the economy back years & put more hardship on families all across the nation. When will the American people wake up?”

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