Republican Candidate Mocks CNN Reporter, Agrees to Interview ‘As Long as it Airs on CNN+’

Craig Bannister | June 24, 2022 | 10:33am EDT
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Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake toyed with a CNN reporter Thursday, when the reporter came up to her and requested an interview.

“You don’t have a mask on, anymore. What’s going on?” Lake asked, when the reporter, who identified herself as “Kyung Lah from CNN” approached.



“We’re outside,” Lah replied.

“Wow, well, we’re six feet apart,” Lake chuckled, while shaking the reporter’s hand.

But, when Lah asked if she “had a minute to chat,” Lake took a shot at CNN’s liberal bias, propaganda-peddling and defunct paid-subscription product, CNN+:

“Um, I’ll do an interview – as long as it airs on CNN+.

“Does that still exist? I don’t think so, because the people don’t like what you guys are peddling, which is propaganda.”

“Thank you,” Lake solemnly said, before walking away.

Nationally-syndicated radio host Jesse Kelly cheered Lake for being a Republican who finally realizes that the liberal media are the GOP’s “mortal enemies,” tweeting:

“For years I have pleaded with the GOP to stop treating the media like media and start treating them as if they’re your mortal enemies out to destroy you. Because they are.

“Looks like someone gets it.”

“Yep,” conservative Hollywood star James Woods concurred, replying to Kelly’s tweet.

In an interview with “The Rubin Report,” Lake, who spent thirty years working as a journalist for, explained how she gained first-hand experience of how the mainstream media has replaced news with propaganda, before seeing the light and abandoning the news industry.

“I came up through the old-school of journalism, where you told both sides of the story, and you keep your opinions out” Lake said. “And, now, you see journalists moving on out and being replaced with propagandists.”

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