Rep. Jim Jordan Says ‘People Have Lost Their Minds’ after 1 COVID Case Shuts Down Entire School

Craig Bannister | September 29, 2021 | 5:12pm EDT
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Rep. Jim Jordan

“People have lost their minds,” Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (R) said Wednesday, reacting to news that a school in his state has shut down because one person had COVID-19.

“A single staff member tested positive for #COVID19. They shut down the entire school. People have lost their minds,” Rep. Jordan tweeted, linking to a report by Cleveland 19 News that Heskett Middle School in Bedford Heights sent students home Tuesday and reverted to online classes after a front office employee tested positive for COVID-19.

Because the infected person was a front office worker, the rest of the office staff were put into quarantine and, without those employees, the school decided to close until Monday.

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