Rep. Ilhan Omar Warns Trump: ‘Tread Lightly, Mr. President’ Regarding ‘New Allegations’

By Craig Bannister | January 18, 2019 | 11:01am EST

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.)

UPDATE: Friday afternoon, after Rep. Omar warned Pres. Trump to "tread lightly" when denying the allegations made by BuzzFeed, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office issued a statement denying and discrediting the BuzzFeed article's claims.

On Friday, Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar warned President Donald Trump to “tread lightly” when fighting back against the latest allegation leveled at him, that he had directed attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.

Trump had posted a tweet quoting Fox News White House Correspondent Kevin Corke noting that Cohen’s credibility as a witness against Trump is marred by his perjury and fraud convictions.

Rep. Omar responded by warning Pres. Trump that, because the new charge is serious, he should “tread lightly” when defending himself:

“Witness intimidation is a federal crime. Given the new allegations that you directed Cohen to lie to Congress and collude with Russia, you may want to tread lightly, Mr. President”

The latest allegations against Trump stem from an article published Thursday by BuzzFeed, citing “two [unnamed] federal law enforcement officials.”

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