Rep. Gohmert: 'Put One Lawyer in Jail, the Rest of 'Em Work Out Pretty Well'

By Craig Bannister | January 23, 2018 | 9:52am EST
Rep. Gohmert: “It only took one lawyer in jail and lawyers got very cooperative.” (Screenshot)

"Obstruction” by the FBI of the investigation of its political dealings can be ended by throwing just one lawyer in jail, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) declared Monday.

Discussing five of months of “lost” text messages between two FBI agents who have been accused of pro-Clinton and anti-Donald Trump bias during the 2016 presidential race, Gohmert – a thrice-elected former District Judge - told Fox Business’ David Asman:

“If America is ever going to have any faith or confidence in our justice system again, we have to have a second counsel that goes after these obstructionists with the investigation.

“Going back to my judge hat, I would put these lawyers in jail. And, I found as a judge, you put one lawyer in jail, the rest of ‘em work out pretty well. They become very cooperative.

“It only took one lawyer in jail and lawyers got very cooperative.”

Gohmert promised that the FBI obstructionists won’t be able to get away with following Hillary Clinton’s playbook by destroying potentially incriminating messages because there’s “a new sheriff in town” – Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

“But. I know these same people wanted Hillary [Clinton] to be president who felt like, well, gee – ‘Well, gee, Hillary got away with destroying all her messages and not getting prosecuted – yeah, because they were the prosecutors.

“It isn't going to go so well with a new sheriff in town. And, I know Jeff Sessions. I know him well. He is not going to let these people get away with obstructing justice.”


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