Protesters Storm Gov’t Building, Burn County Flag, Hoist ‘Antifa’ Flag

Gage Cohen | August 17, 2017 | 10:48am EDT
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Leftist 'Antiflag' flies at Hennepin County building

Leftist "Antifa" protesters stormed a county government building in Minnesota, seized and burned the county flag - then replaced it with an Antifa flag - on Monday.

After left-wing protesters marched through downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota in response to last weekend’s demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, they hoisted the flag of the violent left-wing group “Antifa,” raising it in front of the county’s government center.

The Hennepin County flag was swapped with Antifa’s, a spokeswoman for the county confirmed to, and the event was caught on camera by a woman in the crowd, who posted the footage on Twitter.

“Protesters gathered outside the Hennepin County Public Safety Facility. I do not know any specifics. I do know at some point the Hennepin County flag was taken down, damaged and the other flag went up,” said the county’s spokeswoman. “This lasted for under 30 minutes at which time we replaced the flag with a new one.”

“We do not condone the actions taken Monday,” she continued. When asked whether the county flag was flying once again, she said yes, noting, “It is my understanding they partially burned [the county flag]. It was no longer usable.”

To her knowledge, no arrests were made.

“Last night, protesters removed/burned a county flag at the jail & replaced with a flag of their own. We removed it as soon as we were able,” the county tweeted about the incident Tuesday.

Antifa, meaning “anti-fascist,” has been responsible for several destructive riots and protests, including one in February where members of the group set fires, threw fireworks, attacked the crowd, and damaged property in order to stop Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at the University of California, Berkeley.

Antifa also vandalized stores, broke windows and rioted during President Donald Trump’s inauguration, before being met with armed law enforcement officers.

Most recently, Antifa activists sparred with white nationalists and neo-Nazis who marched carrying torches and shouting racist chants in Charlottesville’s Lee Park. Since then, President Trump has denounced “both sides” for committing acts of violence.

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