Producer Rob Reiner Jokes About White Supremacist Republicans ‘Taking Out Their AK-15s’

By Craig Bannister | April 14, 2021 | 10:06am EDT
Producer Rob Reiner
(Getty Images)

“Republicans are Secessionists,” so Democrats must “use all their power,” liberal activist and Hollywood producer Rob Reiner says.

Democrats are waging a “Civil War,” Reiner declared Tuesday in a tweet calling on his party to use its power to subjugate Republican “Secessionists” promoting “White Nationalism”:

“The Republicans are Secessionists.  They stand for nothing except White Nationalism. They refuse to govern. We continue to fight the Civil War. Democrats will have to use all their power to hold our Country together.”

Reiner followed up on Wednesday with a post claiming that Republicans are relying on voter suppression to protect White Supremacy – and joking about them “taking out their AK-15s”:

“The only way Republicans can maintain White Supremacy is through voter suppression. With every major corporation coming out against them, seems like they’re taking out their AK-15s and shooting themselves in the feet.”


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