Poll: 4% Say GOP ‘Most to Blame’ for Shutdown; 35% Say Democrats

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | January 3, 2019 | 1:53 PM EST

U.S. Capitol (Screenshot)

Asked who is most to blame for the ongoing government shutdown due to the budget dispute over border wall funding, more than eight times as many Americans cite Democrats as blame Republicans, a new national YouGov/Economist survey reveals.

While 35% said Democrats are most to blame for the shutdown, only 4% said Republicans are the most to blame, the survey of 1,500 American adults, conducted Dec. 30, 2018-Jan. 1, 2019, finds. Nearly half (48%) of Americans said President Donald Trump is the most responsible.

“Who do you think is MOST to blame for the shutdown of the federal government?”

  • Democrats in Congress: 35%
  • Republicans in Congress: 4%
  • Pres. Trump: 48%
  • Not Sure: 13%

Nearly half (49%) said Pres. Trump “needs to compromise,” while 41% said Democrats need to compromise – but, only 19% said “Republicans in Congress” need to compromise in the budget dispute.

“Who do you think needs to compromise?”

  • Democrats in Congress: 41%
  • Republicans in Congress: 19%
  • President Trump: 49%
  • Not Sure: 12%

Still, most Americans do hold Republicans at least somewhat responsible for the shutdown. While 41% say Democrats deserve “a lot” of the blame, 40% say Republicans own “a lot” of the blame. And, 77% say Republicans share at least some of the blame, compared to 64% who say Democrats are at least a little to blame.

"How much do you blame each of the groups listed below for causing the shutdown of the federal government?"

Democrats in Congress:

  • A Lot: 41%
  • A Little: 23%
  • Not At All: 23%
  • Not sure: 13%

Republicans in Congress:

  • A Lot: 40%
  • A Little: 37%
  • Not At All: 12%
  • Not Sure: 12%

President Trump:

  • A Lot: 53%
  • A Little: 16%
  • Not At All: 22%
  • Not Sure: 9%

Asked how the shutdown should be resolved, 43% said Democrats should give Trump at least some of the border wall funding he’s seeking, while 40% say the president should accept the Democrats’ proposals that don’t provide funds for the wall.

“How do you think the political leadership in Washington DC should resolve the government shutdown?”

  • Democrats in Congress should agree to President Trump’s request for $5 billion to fund border wall construction: 24%
  • Democrats in Congress and President Trump should agree to more than $1.6 billion but something less than the full $5 billion request: 19%
  • President Trump should just accept the $1.6 billion Democrats had already agreed for border security: 40%
  • Not Sure: 16%

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