Poll: ‘Forceful Plurality (48%)’ Say ‘Media Coverage is UNFAIR and BIASED AGAINST President Trump’

By Craig Bannister | November 14, 2018 | 5:34pm EST
Pres. Donald Trump (Screenshot)

“A forceful plurality” of the nation’s general election voters believe President Donald Trump is being treated unfairly by a media that’s biased against him, a McLaughlin & Associates post-election survey finds.

McLaughlin & Associates reports that its national post-election survey on media bias reflects “compelling conclusions” on the national media’s treatment of Trump:

“McLaughlin & Associates conducted a nationwide survey of 1000 general election voters on November 6, 2018. The data reveal a number of compelling conclusions relating to Media Bias in the United States. Most notably: A forceful plurality (48%) of respondents believe the media coverage is UNFAIR and BIASED AGAINST President Trump and that media coverage and commentary following the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue shooting were DISRESPECTFUL of the President (44%).”

While nearly half (48%) said media coverage has been “unfair/biased against” Pres. Trump (DJT), only 9% said the media coverage has been biased in his favor, McLaughlin reports:

Unfair/Biased Against DJT: 48%

Unfair/Biased For DJT: 9%

Fair/Not Biased: 34%

Don’t Know: 9%

By party affiliation, 80% of Republicans and 49% of Independents said media coverage of Trump has been unfairly biased against him – but, only 16% of Democrats agreed. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of Democrats said the media’s treatment of Pres. Trump has been fair and unbiased, while 11% actually said the media have been unfairly biased in his favor:


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