Poll: 71% of Conservatives Say It’s Time for U.S. to ‘Get Back to Work,’ 69% of Liberals Disagree

Craig Bannister | May 4, 2020 | 10:28am EDT
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Getty Images/Robert Alexander

More U.S. likely voters say it’s “time for America to get back to work” despite the COVID-19 pandemic, but that plurality is driven by conservatives, results of a national Rasmussen Reports survey released Monday reveal.

While 43% of voters nationwide say “Yes,” it’s time to get back to work, 38% say “No,” it’s not. Another 19% are “unsure,” according to the survey of 1,000 voters conducted April 30 and May 3, 2020.

But, 71% of conservatives say it’s time for the country to return to work, compared to just 30% of moderates. Only 14% of liberals say it’s time to get back to work – 69% say it is not time (17% unsure).

More men (51%) than women (37%) think America is ready to get back on the job.

Liberals and women are also more likely to be afraid they’ll contract coronavirus if they return to work than are conservatives and men.

Asked, “How concerned are you personally about getting the coronavirus if you go back to work?” 84% of liberals say they’re at least somewhat concerned – and 50% are “very concerned” they’ll catch the virus if they go back to work. Meanwhile, 50% of conservatives and 68% of moderates are at least “somewhat concerned” they’ll contract the COVID-19 if they return to the job. Seventy-two percent of women say they’re concerned (37% very concerned), compared to 56% of men (28% very concerned).

On Monday, reported that Evangelical leader Rev. Franklin Graham is warning that the liberal media are stoking fear among the public in order to destroy President Donald Trump:

Evangelical leader Franklin Graham criticized the "left-leaning media" for using the worst-case coronavirus incidents to spread fear among the public and to repeatedly attack President Donald Trump, who they are fixated on destroying.

"Many in the left-leaning media want to project the worse-case scenarios relating to COVID-19," said Rev. Graham in a May 2 post on Facebook.  "It makes great headlines for them -- and it produces fear in the public."

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