Poll: 55% of All Americans, 40% of Democrats Approve of Trump’s Executive Order Providing COVID-19 Relief

Craig Bannister | August 13, 2020 | 2:29pm EDT
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Twice as many Americans approve of President Donald Trump’s executive order providing coronavirus relief as disapprove of it - but, many do not know much about it - a new The Economist/YouGov poll reveals.

In the national survey of 1,500 adult U.S. citizens, conducted August 9-11, 2020, 55% said they approve of the executive order Trump signed Saturday to extend unemployment benefits and defer payroll taxes. Twenty-seven percent (27%) said they disapproved and 19% were “not sure” how they felt.

While more Democrats disapproved than approved (42%-40%) of the executive order, a majority of both Independents (51%) and Republicans (79%) said they support the president’s actions.

However, when asked if they “think President Trump will be able to implement the executive order,” less than a third (31%) of American adults are confident he will actually succeed. Thirty percent (30%) predict Trump will fail, while 39% aren’t sure what will happen.

Only 17% of Democrats and 27% of Independents said they believe Trump will be able to implement his executive order, but a majority (53%) of Republicans think he will.

In terms of familiarity with Trump’s executive order, only 27% of American adults reported that they’ve heard “a lot” about it in the news, while 54% said they’ve heard only “a little” – and about one in five (19%) said they’ve heard “nothing” at all about Trump’s actions in the news

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