Obama Snubs Michelle's 'Arugula' Advice Despite Deli's Seven Salads

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | May 16, 2012 | 3:57 PM EDT

Pres. Obama may be in BIG trouble tonight when he gets home to Michelle. At a small business roundtable at a D.C. deli, Obama was touting subs – not salads – and even promising to take some back to members of Congress.

First Lady Michelle Obama, however, is known for advocating her “arugula and steak” diet – and for her “Let’s Move” (and healthy food) campaign. “That's right,” said Mrs. Obama. “My favorite, too. Arugula and steak. I like it a lot. That's good stuff.”

But, today the president was wielding and celebrating hoagies – even though the Taylor Gourmet has seven arugula salads on its menu:

“[O]rganizations like the SBA have also made a difference, because sometimes private financing isn't willing to take a chance on a couple of young guys who have an idea about starting a great hoagie shop.”

With Michelle no where in sight, the president reportedly enjoyed the Spruce Street hoagie from Taylor Gourmet's menu.

Continuing his hoagie hype, Pres. Obama pitched his plan to provide incentives for small businesses:

“There’s no reason why we shouldn’t act on that right now, the same way that we should be allowing all families to refinance, because if they’ve got an extra $3,000 in their pocket, then they can buy more hoagies or go shop for some outstanding organic foods.”

Obama even promised to redistribute some hoagies to members of Congress in the hopes they’ll provide some food for thought regarding his agenda:

“So my message to Congress -- and I’m going to have a chance to see the congressional leadership when I get back to the White House -- I’m going to offer them some hoagies while they’re there -- is let’s go ahead and act to help build and sustain momentum for our economy.”

Perhaps, he’s going to refer those hoagies to a sub committee.

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