NOW-NY Pres.: Wearing Hijab Not Oppression, But Empowering Anti-Trump 'Resistance, Protest’

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | February 9, 2018 | 11:14 AM EST

Tucker and the Pro-Hijab Feminist (Screenshot)

“Whether a woman wants to wear a hijab is really not the point," pro-hijab National Organization of Women-NY Pres. Sonia Ossorio declared Thursday.

While appearing on Tucker Carlson’s television program, Ossorio was asked by Carlson if the supported Islamic culture’s coercion of women to wear modest attire, like the hijab.

But, whether women freely don the hijab or are forced to do so “isn’t the point,” Ossorio argued:

“Whether a woman wants to wear a hijab is really not the point.”

Instead, she said, wearing the hijab in the U.S. is an empowering method of protesting President Donald Trump:

“Here you have in the United States, women who had never donned a hijab in their entire life, and marched over to JFK airport at the time of the Trump travel ban and started wearing hijabs as a symbol of resistance, in protest to that, and at the same time, so they’re wearing them as a symbol of empowerment.”

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