'Nothing Is Too Low for SNL,' Bozell Says When Show Mocks Veteran's Combat Injury

By Craig Bannister | November 5, 2018 | 10:32am EST
MRC Pres. Brent Bozell

"Saturday Night Live is pathetic," Media Research President Brent Bozell said in a statement Monday, condeming the show for mocking a veteran's injury sustained while serving his country.

During the September 3, 2018 episode of NBC’s  of Saturday Night Live (SNL), castmember Pete Davidson displayed disdain for injured veterans, when he mocked Republican congressional candidate and former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw about the eye he lost to an IED explosion while serving in Afghanistan - “or whatever” according to the "comedian."

In his statement, Bozell says the slur of a wounded veteran "shows that nothing is too low for SNL" when it has a political agenda to push:

Saturday Night Live is pathetic and unoriginal. Making fun of a former Navy SEAL for his combat injuries shows that nothing is too low for SNL when they have a chance to mock Republicans. If Crenshaw were a Democrat, this “joke” wouldn't have made it out of the writers' room -- and, if by some miracle it did, NBC would have issued an apology within the hour.

We are contacting every one of SNL’s advertisers to see if they support this attack. We will ask them if they plan to continue advertising on SNL, and we will share the results tomorrow. What a sad and unfortunate message NBC is sending to veterans across the country just a week before Veterans Day.

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