NBC Touts Norway as Fix for America's 'Flawed Democracy'

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | February 23, 2017 | 12:06 PM EST

A hypocritical article argues that America is a “flawed democracy” that can be fixed by copying the “World’s Best Democracy” – Norway.

In “Norway Is the ‘World’s Best Democracy’ — We Asked Its People Why,” NBC pretends to provide an objective look at why the Economist Intelligence Unit – based in London, where the country’s parliament actually considered banning America’s president - downgraded the U.S. to a “flawed democracy” and rated Norway the best.

The article doesn’t mention one reason the U.S. is a flawed democracy: it isn’t one; it’s actually a Republic.

Here are some of the reasons NBC think Norway’s better than the U.S.:

  • High Taxes/Spending: “Citizens pay relatively high taxes and the government isn't afraid of spending big on public projects such as schools, healthcare and generous unemployment benefits.”
  • Wealth Redistribution/Less Work: “The gap between its wealthiest and poorest citizens is far lower than the U.S. — and its people spend far less time at work and more time with their families.”
  • Offshore Drilling: “Its government struck offshore oil in the 1960s, allowing it to accrue the world's largest sovereign wealth fund — a $880 billion rainy-day piggy bank.”
  • Lack of diversity: “Much less ethnically and culturally diverse than most countries.”
  • Everyone can vote: “Norwegians are automatically registered to vote.”
  • Socialism: “Norway functions as a social democracy, the type of place Sen. Bernie Sanders dreams about.”

Feigning fairness, the article points out that Norway’s democracy does have one flaw - it’s TOO CONSERVATIVE:

“It's (sic) current government is led by the Conservative Party and includes lawmakers from the right-wing populist Progress Party, which wants to slash taxes and immigration.”

As proof that Norway is under imminent threat from the right, the article notes that six years ago, a “white supremacist” killed 77 people.

“Less than six years ago its democracy came under direct attack. On July 22, 2011, white supremacist Anders Behring Breivik detonated a car bomb among Oslo's government buildings.”

But, perhaps, the NBC’s most offensive insult to America is that it dared to equate this lone-wolf attack to the coordinated, multiple attacks on the U.S. in 9/11 on al Qaeda that killed thousands:

“But while the U.S. went to war after 9/11, Norway received plaudits for its calm response.”

So, to sum up: America’s democracy has the "flaw" of not really being a democracy, and NBC thinks Norway’s democracy is the “world’s best” because it’s actually socialism.

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