MRC Urges Americans to Contact 'The View' Sponsors Over Show's Anti-Christian Slurs

Craig Bannister | February 21, 2018 | 12:01pm EST
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"The View" hosts called Pence's Christianity "dangerous," "mental illness" (Screenshot)

The Media Research Center (MRC) is calling on all Americans to contact the sponsors of ABC's The View and hold them responsible for the appalling, anti-Christian comments made by the unrepentant network and hosts of the show.

MRC's grassroots supporters came out in full force last week, calling on ABC and The View to apologize for the appalling anti-Christian remarks made about Vice President Mike Pence and Christians across the country. The show’s hosts referred to Pence’s Christianity as “dangerous” and “mental illness” – then, refused to apologize even after the MRC grassroots campaign prompted nearly 30,000 calls to the network.

What’s more, ABC News President James Goldston never responded to a letter from MRC President Brent Bozell expressing his concerns over this type of regular, anti-Christian content on his network.

So, now, MRC is calling on all Americans to contact the sponsors of The View and hold them responsible:

“ABC/The View's advertisers need to face the fact that they've been supporting, with their ad dollars, a hateful, bigoted show in The View. Unless those advertisers want to own the anti-Christian rhetoric spewed by Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin, they need to vote with their wallets and stop advertising on the show. If the advertisers don't stop advertising on The View, they are condoning such offensive behavior.

“We are asking you to take a few minutes and contact The View’s top advertisers starting today. Ask them if they support the anti-Christian statements being made on The View and suggest their advertising dollars would be better spent on less bigoted programming.


“Enough is enough. We need to let ABC know that we are taking this very seriously. LET’S DO THIS!”

Contact information for the sponsors of ABC’s The View is provided in the links below:

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