Monument Vandals Broaden Attacks Beyond Confederacy to Include Holocaust, Saint, Lincoln

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | August 23, 2017 | 12:21 PM EDT

Lincoln monument attacked as vandals target Confederate memorials

Confederate monuments aren’t the only ones being vandalized since the violent rally in Charlottesville, Va., earlier this month.

Memorials of the Holocaust, President Abraham Lincoln, Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus – and even a Catholic saint who helped build Spanish missions in California in the 1700s – have also been attacked.

The Daily Signal has compiled a list of eight of the attacks on monuments, and one bomb plot thwarted, since the Charlottesville incident:

  1. Christopher Columbus monument smashed in Baltimore (filmed, narrated and posted on YouTube).
  2. Durham statue to the ‘Boys Who Wore Gray’ toppled
  3. Atlanta ‘Peace’ monument attacked and damaged
  4. Lincoln Memorial spray painted with vulgar slur against “Law.”
  5. Abraham Lincoln bust vandalized twice in Chicago
  6. Father Junipero Serra (a Catholic saint) covered in Red Paint
  7. Glass of Boston Holocaust Memorial shattered
  8. Robert E. Lee statue attacked, removed at Duke University
  9. Man tries to bomb Confederate monument in Houston (thwarted by authorities).

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