Miami Mom Loses Custody of Her 4 Year-Old Daughter Because She’s a Doctor Treating COVID-19 Patients

Craig Bannister | April 14, 2020 | 10:03am EDT
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Dr. Theresa Greene

Circuit Court Judge Bernard Shapiro has ruled Dr. Theresa Greene cannot have custody of her four year-old daughter as long as the Miami, Florida emergency room doctor continues to treat coronavirus patients.

Dr. Greene, who is divorced and had been sharing custody with her ex-husband, is appealing the decision, saying it’s unfair for the judge to force her to choose between her daughter and her oath to health the sick and save lives, WGN TV reports:

An emergency room doctor in Miami, Florida, has temporarily lost custody of her 4-year-old daughter while she treats patients during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Theresa Greene said she was appealing the emergency order that granted her ex-husband full custody of their daughter.

“I think it’s not fair, it’s cruel to ask me to choose between my child and the oath I took as a physician,” Greene said. “I won’t abandon my team at work or the patients who will increasingly look to me to save their lives in the coming weeks, but it’s torture.”

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