Levin: CNN Suit Vs. WH ‘Ridiculous;’ ‘Acosta Does Not Have Constitutional Right to Disrupt Press Conference’

By Craig Bannister | November 13, 2018 | 11:02am EST
Mark Levin (Screenshot)

After reading CNN’s lawsuit against the White House over the suspension of reporter Jim Acosta’s access to press briefings, constitutional scholar and conservative radio icon Mark Levin took to Facebook to explain why the lawsuit is “ridiculous.”

“I just read CNN's lawsuit against the administration over Jim Acosta. It's a very weak case, but if they get before an Obama or Clinton district judge, who knows,” Levin warned.

“Nonetheless, it is a ridiculous suit” – for six reasons – Levin explains:

  1. “CNN still has reporters at the White House and in the presidential press conferences;
  2. “Acosta does not have a constitutional right to be physically present in the press room, anymore than the scores of media outlets that do not;”
  3. “Acosta can watch the press conference from outside the White House grounds as they are televised;”
  4. “The president cannot be compelled by any court to actually call on any particular reporter during a press conference;”
  5. “Acosta does not have a constitutional right to disrupt the press conference with his various antics anymore than any other reporter;” and
  6. “A president is not constitutionally compelled to hold a presidential press conference.”

“CNN hired Ted Olson's firm, and he has signed onto the lawsuit,” Levin says, adding that “Olson was hired for a few reasons”:

  1. As a former Reagan official and lawyer for Bush in Bush-Gore, CNN hopes to make the PR case that this a bipartisan matter;
  2. CNN hopes to make the PR case that it is upholding the Constitution against a rogue administration; and,
  3. CNN has employed a top Supreme Court litigator.

“The courts should stay out of this on separation of powers grounds, among other things. No one is preventing Acosta from reporting or CNN from broadcasting," Levin concluded.

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