Levin to Bongino: NYT Writer Who Accused Us of Inciting Violence ‘Must Not Be Following News on Her Own Damn Newspaper’

Craig Bannister | October 15, 2020 | 2:08pm EDT
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Mark Levin
(Getty Images/Saul Loeb)

A New York Times article smearing Mark Levin and Dan Bongino is nothing more than an attempt to distract Americans from leftists’ calls for violence, the two political commentators explained on Levin’s radio program Wednesday.

As NewsBusters reports, the article by Davey Alba titled “Riled Up: Misinformation Stokes Calls for Violence on Election Day,” accuses Bongino of trying to incite violence by warning of a radical leftwing organization’s talk of a Democrat coup if President Donald Trump wins reelection. Alba also accuses Levin of being another rightwing conservative attempting to stoke violence.

Alba criticizes Bongino for reporting passages from a document by the leftist Transition Integrity Project – which Alba refers to as “bipartisan election experts” – describing how they "gamed out" bizarre scenarios in which an evil, authoritarian Trump wages war on democracy after Election Day. The report warns that "this election represents an existential crisis, the last chance to stop a rapid and potentially irreversible US decline into authoritarianism and unbridled nativism."

Even though she had already decided to report that they were to blame for inciting violence, the New York Times writer contacted both Levin and Bongino with identical requests for comment, Levin said:

“So we get this New York Times woman, Davey Alba. And, she apparently contacts you, she contacts me. You can tell by the way she contacted each of us that she was already decided how she was going to write this story.

“And, basically, she’s writing a story saying you and I, and perhaps a few others – if there’s violence on Election Day, it’s because of you and me.”

Alba must not be following the news - even that reported in “her own damn newspaper” - if she isn’t aware of all the times that Democrats have incited and perpetrated violence, Levin said:

“Now, this moron must not be following the news on her own damn newspaper. Or any, for that matter, because it’s the Democrats who keep saying you’re going to have to call in the military to remove Trump. It’s the Democrats that have been burning our cities with Antifa and BLM. It’s John Podesta and his group that are war gaming this stuff. There’s other surrogates who are talking about violence, on and on and on.”

Bongino said that he immediately caught on to Alba’s deceitful request for comment because it was a classic example of how liberal media outlets craft their “Republicans pounce” stories, which report that Republicans are trying to exploit Democrat scandals – instead of reporting on the scandals themselves:

“I got the same text. New York Times reporter, bottom line, sends me this text saying, ‘Hey, you keep talking about this rumor of a coup,’ and I could tell right away what she’s trying to do.

“What they’re trying to do is the classic ‘Republicans’ pounce.’ And, ‘Republicans pounce’ stories in the liberal media are when the Democrats - you nail them to the wall with corruption, the disgusting things they do, stupid policies - the story’s never about the Democrat getting busted, it’s about the Republicans’ response.

“So, I saw right through this. And, I basically responded back to her, like ‘This is hilarious. You’re asking me to respond to covering a story I covered about leftists promoting violence after the election? Why aren’t you asking the leftists who are talking about the violence?’”

Levin agreed, noting how liberal media always try to connect conservatives, even Italian-Americans and Jewish-Americans, to radical rightwing groups that actually abhor their ethnic heritages:

“I notice we’re always ‘rightwing’ and ‘rightwing’ this. They’re trying to pull us in with white supremacists. First of all, you’re an Italian-American, I’m Jewish-American. Why would we be with white supremacists or Klansmen? You’re Catholic, I take it; I’m Jewish. It’s not exactly like we could be members.”

“It’s really quite sickening,” Levin said, especially since The New York Times “has a horrific record when it comes to covering up the Holocaust”:

“There were six million Jews screaming for their lives – begging, begging for attention. And The New York Times ignored them. And The New York Times knew what was taking place. There were millions of Ukrainians, seven or eight years earlier, screaming for their lives as they were being starved to death by Stalin. The New York Times was publishing news articles (claiming) that they were just having a bad year, everything would be fine.”

“Any other corporation in America that put out disinformation, she talks about misinformation, or tried to conceal two of the greatest horrors of the last century, should not survive, let alone be the gold standard for the media. It’s appalling.”

Alba is nothing more than “a mouthpiece for the radical left, dressed up as a reporter at The New York Times,” Levin concluded.

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