‘Kill Yourself,’ NY Democrat Tells GOP Staffer

Craig Bannister | December 18, 2018 | 3:16pm EST
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State Sen. Kevin Parker (D-NY)

“Kill yourself,” a Democrat State senator tweeted to Republican State Senate Majority Communications Director Candice Giove on Tuesday.

Democrat Kevin Parker posted the tweet in response to Giove’s complaint about his parking, The Daily Caller reports:

“New York State Democratic Sen. Kevin Parker tweeted — then deleted — instructions to a GOP staffer, telling her “kill yourself” on Tuesday.

“It all started with a tweet about a bike lane in New York, blocked by cars allegedly abusing placards to park where they shouldn’t. New York State Senate Majority’s deputy communications director Candice Giove dug a little deeper and claimed that one of the placards belonged to Sen. Parker — but the vehicle was not the same one to which the placard was legally assigned.”

Ironically, as the Daily Caller notes, Parker is leading the charge to pass a bill to require prospective firearm purchasers to submit their social media history for scrutiny to determine if they should be granted a gun license.

Parker subsequently deleted the tweet and apologized.



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