Ingraham: Self-Righteous Hollywood Hypocrites Hyper-Sexualizing Women, Kids

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | January 3, 2018 | 12:14 PM EST

Laura Ingraham calls out Hollywood women (Screenshot)

Laura Ingraham called out Hollywood's hypocrites, including women, for claiming to be the nation's "moral conscience" - while making millions by hyper-sexualizing women.

Tuesday, on her Fox News Channel program, Ingraham took aim at Hollywood's seedy double-standard:

"Many of these women are the same women who made millions of dollars flaunting their bodies for anyone to watch.

"In the awards shows, there are talented people there, some beautiful folks, women and men. But, at times, the dresses to be defying the laws of physics – the double-sided tape. How do they keep that up?

"For a while, it was almost as if Hollywood was creating a new category: ‘And, accepting for the Deepest Neckline is…'”


“You can wear whatever you want, but then don’t be shocked when people - including men - stare. It’s going to happen.

"Now, these same people - producer, writers, directors, agents and actors who have objectified women, and in some cases themselves, they’re suddenly the moral conscience of the entire country? Not just the entertainment industry; they’re going to safeguard the entire country?"

If they were sincere about cleaning up their industry, they'd "stop hyper-sexualizing women and young people," she said:

"So, the Hollywood crowd, they’re great at stomping their feet and fund-raising for liberal causes. But, if they really cared about their industry, they’d stop hyper-sexualizing women and young people.

"And, until they do, their audience will continue to flee and seek safe harbor elsewhere. In other words, Hollywood, time’s up."

Ingraham also chided Hollywood women for attacking President Donald Trump because, she says, he's "going to do more to help women than anyone else" in 2018:

"You know who’s going to do more to help women than anyone else this year, by the way? They won’t admit it, but I’ll tell you who:  Donald Trump.

"An improving economy is good for all Americans – including women. Women entrepreneurs. Women are half the work force, if not more, in certain parts of the country. They need a growing economy. Wages going up, optimism and confidence."


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