‘I Was a Democrat Until the Party Left Me on Life Issues,’ Voters Tell Former Congressman

Craig Bannister | May 1, 2017 | 10:29am EDT
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Former Rep. Bart Stupak

The former Democratic Michigan congressman who led his party’s fight to prevent President Barack Obama’s health care bill from containing pro-abortion mandates says Democrats are leaving the party due to their pro-life values.

In an exclusive interview with, Former Rep. Bart Stupak (R-Mich.) said the party has more pro-life constituents than it realizes, but that number is shrinking because these voters are leaving the party, rather than sacrificing their values: “As you mentioned, Kristen Day with Democrats for Life of America, and also Father Pavone with Priests for Life, have both cited numbers suggesting there is a significant portion of Democratic voters who are pro-life.”

Rep. Stupak: “There is, and there are a significant number that are pro-life – more than they know. And, those who no longer call themselves Democrats have probably moved to Independent, or they’d consider themselves moderate Republicans today.

“I can’t tell you how many people in my old district, even today come up and tell me, “You know, I was a Democrat until the party left me on the life issues, and I just can’t do that anymore, so I don’t identify as a Democrat anymore, so we appreciate your pro-life views. And, these are people who voted, probably Republican until I ran.”

Stupak served 18 years in Congress as a Michigan representative with the Democratic Party. He is now a partner in a Washington, DC, law firm.

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