Hispanic Unemployment Rate Declines for Third Straight Month in July

By Craig Bannister | August 7, 2020 | 9:00am EDT
(Getty Images/Robert Alexander)

The employment picture for Hispanics and Latinos improved for the third consecutive month in July as the nation’s businesses continued reopening from the coronavirus-prompted shutdown. The 12.9% national, seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate for Hispanics and Latinos in July fell by 1.6 percentage points from June’s 14.5% level and 6.0 points from the record-high of 18.9% set in April, but remained well above March’s 6.0% mark.

In July, 174,000 more Hispanics had jobs and 520,000 fewer were unemployed, compared to the previous month, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported Friday. BLS began tracking Hispanic-Latino employment data in 1973.

In July, 347,000 fewer Hispanics participated in the workforce.

Hispanic-Latino employment statistics for July 2020:

  • Unemployment rate: ---- 12.9%, down from 14.5% in June
  • Civilian Noninstitutionalized Population (16+ years old): --- 44,212,000, up from 44,132,000 in June
  • Number Participating in Labor Force: --- 28,560,000, down from 28,907,000 in June
  • Labor Force Participation Rate: --- 64.6%, down from 65.5% in June
  • Number Employed: 24,885,000 up from 24,711,000 in June
  • Number Unemployed: --- 3,675,000, down from 4,195,000 in June

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