Hillary Clinton Compares Bill to a Transgender Kid: ‘I’m Going to Respect the Feeling of My Child’

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Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | October 3, 2019 | 10:30 AM EDT

Fmr. First Lady Hillary Clinton

Her decision to remain married to former President Bill Clinton was like a parent deciding to respect the feelings of a transgender child, former First Lady Hillary Clinton told ABC’s “The View” on Wednesday:

"Sometimes when your child has an issue…I had a friend a few years ago who called up and said 'I don’t know who to talk to about this, but my little girl wants to be a boy. What do I do?'

“And, you know, several of us kind of — we didn’t know what to do, we never had a friend who'd faced that before. Several of us kind of read everything and talked to people and gave her advice and it was really gutsy for her to say okay, 'I’m going to respect the feelings of my child as hard as it is for me to understand this.'

“So, I think when the question was asked, personally, everybody faces a moment of decision, and you have to reach deep down inside and decide what’s right for you to do and, hopefully, it’s reached with love and understanding."


H/T: The Washington Examiner


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