Gutfeld Grills Trump: ‘The Most Important Question I Have to Ask You Is: How About My Ratings?’

By Craig Bannister | September 9, 2021 | 12:36pm EDT

In an exclusive sit-down interview with Donald Trump on Wednesday, Host Greg Gutfeld opened by asking the former president about the news that “Gutfeld!” had beaten every network late-night talk show in the ratings.

“The most important question I have to ask you is: how about my ratings?” Gutfeld asked.

"Your ratings are fabulous. I just saw you are the king of late-night," Trump responded.

Still, “You are beating some very untalented people,” Trump added. “It's about time somebody came in and you're really beating them badly.”

“I feel kind of guilty about it because I feel like I’m beating up unarmed people,” Gutfeld agreed.

In his opening monologue, Gutfeld took a shot at ABC late-night Host Jimmy Kimmel’s hackneyed routine:

“I don’t want to suggest that Kimmel’s show has become boring and predictable – but, last night during the taping, people in the studio audience were changing the channel.”

“Beating haters who do comedy should not be a very difficult task,” Trump said Thursday in a statement congratulating Gutfeld:

“Congratulations to Greg Gutfeld on having the number one Late Night Show on television, including the exhausted, low talent, and highly overrated Network shows. I would give an even bigger congratulations if he had tougher competition because beating haters who do comedy should not be a very difficult task. Like so many others, they will continue to fall!”

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