Greg Gutfeld, Scott Adams Agree: Americans Need ‘a Hostage Negotiator’ to Free Them from Our Government

Craig Bannister | December 20, 2021 | 4:29pm EST
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Greg Gutfeld

“Dilbert” Cartoonist Scott Adams says he shares Fox News host Greg Gutfeld’s view that the American public needs a “hostage negotiator” to free them from the grips of the nation’s elected leaders.

The government should not be dictating the level of risks individual citizens are allowed to choose, Adams tweeted Monday, blasting politician-imposed COVID mask and vaccine mandates and shutdowns.

“Government is the wrong tool for deciding the balance of endemic risk the public will accept,” Adams writes.

“Instead, Americans need a hostage negotiator to cut a deal, in which politicians agree to allow them to make their own choices and accept responsibility for the risks they take, Adams says, alluding to Gutfeld’s proposition:

“The public needs a hostage negotiator (per G. Gutfeld) to strike a ‘no fault’ deal with our own leaders.

“Set us free, and we hold you harmless for the deaths we know are coming.


Last week, in an episode of Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” Gutfeld said that the nation’s leaders aren’t considering the will of the people because they, themselves, are being held hostage by special interests. In turn, the nation’s leaders are holding the American public hostage. Thus, he argued, Americans need a negotiator to communicate with the politicians and adopt a compromise that will set U.S. citizens free:

“And so you could be hyperbolic and say we need a divorce, we need a civil war, but what you really need is a hostage negotiator, right? We need somebody that can go to the leaders and talk -- and explain to them what the people want so there can be a compromise because this is not going to - - this is not going to end well for the politicians.

“I don't know what that kind of person is, but our leaders are being held hostage by lawyers and insurance companies, also the fear of blood libel, and they in turn are holding American, the American public hostage. So there, that's where you need the negotiation. Our leaders are no longer leading. They're actually crouching. They're trying to minimize themselves as a target, right? That's what they're doing.”

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