Gov. Newsom: 'We’re Not Going to Go Back to Normal' Because 'Normal Accepts Inequity'

By Craig Bannister | March 10, 2021 | 4:27pm EST
Gov. Gavin Newsom
(Getty Images/Arun Nevader)

“Normal was never good enough,” Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom declared Tuesday in his State of the State address.

Gov. Newsom is facing a recall petition effort that has garnered nearly two million signatures, due to his draconian coronavirus lockdown mandates. But, Newsom said he has no intention of changing course just because of “a few naysayers.”

 “We’re not going to change course, just because of a few naysayers and doomsdayers. So, the California critics out there who are promoting partisan, political, power-grabs, with outdated prejudices, rejecting everything that makes California truly great, we say this: we will not be distracted from shots in arms and our economy booming again. This is a fight for California’s future.”

Californians will not be allowed to return to normal – even after the pandemic is over – because normal was “never good enough,” Newsom said. Normal, he said, “accepts inequity” – and inequity is to blame for Latinos dying of COVID, the governor said:

“When this pandemic ends – and it will end soon – we're not going to go back to normal. Because, I think we all agree: normal was never good enough. Normal accepts inequity.

“That’s why Latinos are dying from COVID at a higher rate than any other racial or ethnic group – and why essential workers’ wages aren’t enough for them to afford the essentials, and why mothers, mothers have been leaving the workforce in staggering numbers.”

There can be “no economic recovery without economic justice” to eliminate inequity, Newsom declared:

“Look, our eyes are wide open to what’s wrong. And so, our journey back must also be a path to close those inequities.

“There is no economic recovery no economic recovery – without economic justice. With more compassion, more empathy, more connection, we can write the next chapter in California’s story.

“After all, the answer to what’s right about our state is also readily available to us – so long as we stay focused on what makes California just so damned special.”

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