Geraldo Reacts to Video, ‘Subversive Anti-Constitution Organized Creeps’: ‘No More Talk. Let Cops be Cops’

By Craig Bannister | June 3, 2020 | 2:48pm EDT
Geraldo Rivera
(Getty Images/Roy Rochlin)

“Let’s get some real police work done against these anarchists,” political pundit and Investigative Journalist Geraldo Rivera said Wednesday in reaction to a video posted on Twitter by New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea.

“This is what our cops are up against: Organized looters, strategically placing caches of bricks & rocks at locations throughout NYC,” Commissioner Shea says in the tweet displaying video of a police officer removing crates of such items left on a street corner for rioters to hurl during the ongoing protests.

The looting, rioting, and assaults taking place “have nothing to do” with the death in police custody of George Floyd that prompted the peaceful protesters, Rivera replied.

Thus, it’s time to “let cops be cops” and do what’s necessary to stop the anarchists, Rivera tweeted:

“Let’s get some real police work done against these anarchists; use RICO statutes, surveillance cameras, cell phone data. No more talk. Let cops be cops. This looting & rioting & assaults have nothing to do with #GeorgeFloyd. These are subversive anti-Constitution organized creeps”

Watch video embedded in tweet below:


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