Ga. Rep: ‘I Was Ambushed Leaving the White House by a Left-Wing Mob for Proudly Supporting’ Trump

By Craig Bannister | February 11, 2021 | 2:45pm EST
Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones

Democrats at this week’s Senate trial are accusing former President Donald Trump of inciting a deadly insurrection by a speech he gave. But, last year, a Democrat Georgia state representative repeatedly warned that it’s the left that Americans should fear.

As reported, last August, Georgia Rep. Vernon Jones tweeted a video recalling how he had been “ambushed leaving the White House by a left-wing mob for proudly supporting @realDonaldTrump."

“My life was threatened and others’ lives were threatened” by “a violent mob,” Jones said, adding that “I feared for my life.”

Liberal media ignored the violence “because they support with the Democrats and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the destruction of our cities. They want to see it demolished so they can blame it on Donald Trump,” Jones said. Since the attack, Rep. Jones has left the Democrat Party and become a Republican.

Rep. Jones was concerned about liberal violence even before his encounter with the mob in August. Last June, reported that Rep. Jones introduced a bill to make it a hate crime to attack supporters of then-President Donald Trump.

“Let’s call this what it is: a hate crime,” Rep. Jones tweeted, noting that he’s seen “countless” examples of assaults on Trump supporters.

“Wearing a MAGA hat should never endanger your life,” Rep. Jones said.

Democrats have “a dangerous tolerance for people who attack others,” Rep. Jones warned last August, reacting to the violent protests ravaging major U.S. cities as Democrats called for defunding police, while employing personal security personnel to keep themselves safe:

“Isn't it ironic that Democrats politicians have personal security to protect them? So, why don't they forgo their security and replace them with social workers - especially since that's what they want for you and me?”

“The Democratic Party has become infected with the pandemic of intolerance, bigotry, socialism, anti-law enforcement bias and a dangerous tolerance for people who attack others, destroy their property and terrorize our own communities.”

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