Flashback: Clarence Thomas's Female Colleagues Rejected--in Testimony--Anita Hill's Claims

Craig Bannister | November 21, 2017 | 11:11am EST
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Thomas' female colleagues testified in his defense in 1991. (Screenshot)

During his Supreme Court confirmation hearings in 1991, Anita Hill accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment in the workplace. But, Hill’s claims were discredited by, among other things, the testimony of more than a dozen female former co-workers who came forward to declare, in no uncertain terms, that Thomas was “a man of the highest principle, honesty, integrity and honor in all of his personal and professional actions.” They called Hill’s claims “ludicrous” and “unbelievable.”

Thomas was “absolutely incapable of the abuses described” and they did not believe a single word of Hill’s accusations, they said.

“I have never met a man who treated me with more dignity and respect,” one said.

Yet, on Monday, the liberal Huffington Post ran a column declaring “Clarence Thomas Must Resign,” written by USC Annenberg Professor and Norman Lear Center Director Marty Kaplan.

Kaplan claims that Thomas had no more evidence of his innocence of sexual harassment charges than President Donald Trump, Senate candidate Roy Moore, or Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinsten have today:

“Hill was a thoroughly credible witness. Thomas has no stronger case for his innocence than do Trump, Moore or Weinstein. Pressed to defend Trump’s sexual improprieties, his press secretary said the American people “spoke very loud and clear when they elected this president.” No (sic) to put too fine a point on it, but she’s spewing bullcrap. Elections don’t decide culpability.”

But, as the montage video below by shows, more than a dozen women came forward to defend Thomas. The website, launched to expose the political bias and inaccuracies of the 2016 HBO movie “Confirmation,” also presents a video highlighting “5 Facts HBO Glosses Over in ‘Confirmation’”:

  1. “Several months after the alleged attack, Anita Hill enthusiastically followed Clarence Thomas to work with him at another job,
  2. Anita Hill claimed she did so because her job was in jeopardy, which it was not,
  3. Anita Hill initiated contact with Clarence Thomas for years after he allegedly harassed her, calling him many times,
  4. Hill initially denied making the calls, then conceded that she made them,
  5. More than a dozen of Thomas’ colleagues testified in his defense

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