Doctor: ‘Very, Very Promising’ Coronavirus Vaccine Clinical Trials Start – But, It’ll Take a Year

By Craig Bannister | March 16, 2020 | 10:25am EDT
Dr. Marc Siegel

“It’s a very, very promising vaccine,” Dr. Marc Siegel said Monday as the first human testing of a conoravirus vaccine begins.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends First,” Dr. Siegel said he has high hopes because the cutting-edge technology of the vaccine is based on a previous vaccine that proved to be effective:

“It’s a very, very promising vaccine. It’s based on prior technology. It’s genetic, it’s advanced, it’s modern.

“It hasn’t really even been shown, by the way, to be useful in animals. It’s safe in animals, but we haven’t had the preliminary data that know for sure that it’s going to work.

“But, it’s based on a prior vaccine that did work, and NIH is very, very excited about this vaccine and very hopeful that it will work.”

Still, Dr. Siegel says that, even if it proves to be effective, the new vaccine will not be available to the public for at least a year “because we always to slow before we give something to millions of people”:

“Why would it take a year, when we’re about to start clinic trials? The answer is: because we always go slow before we give something to millions of people.

“You don’t want to make the problem worse. You don’t want the solution to be worse than the problem. Thousands of people are infected, clearly across the country – but, millions are going to get this vaccine. You want to make sure it’s safe and it works.”

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