Dan Bongino: ‘Cut the B.S.: Liberalism Is a Cancer…It Destroys Every Single Thing It Touches’

By Craig Bannister | August 21, 2019 | 9:57am EDT
Dan Bongino

“Liberalism is a cancer,” conservative commentator and former New York City policeman Dan Bongino said Tuesday, pointing to the devastation rampant in U.S. cities ruled by liberal politicians.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, Bongino was asked if the jobs and opportunities created by the Trump Administration’s conservative policies will spur increased support for the president in 2020. Bongino replied by saying he hopes so, because Americans need to wake up and realize the harm liberalism has done to cities like Baltimore, Los Angeles and San Francisco:

“Well, I hope so, and I hope they start to realize these voters, the reality of liberalism. And, the reality is this: Let’s just cut the B.S., right. Liberalism is a cancer; it’s a forest fire; it destroys every single thing it touches. Think about the cities, right, where liberals monopolistically control — that is, no Republicans anywhere to be found for decades, all right?

“You have Baltimore: an unprecedented crime wave. You have Los Angeles: homelessness, and preindustrial revolution diseases breaking out. You have a poop map in San Francisco that’s useless because it’s so covered with human waste on the map, you can’t see what’s with under the map.

“It reminds me when you are on a plane, Sean, and you see the plane from Florida to New York and the diagram on the map, the plane is so big it’s as big as Long Island. That’s the defecation map in San Francisco. It’s gross.”


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