CNN’s Acosta: Fox News Didn’t Ask Trump ‘About the Insurrection He Caused’ During Interview about Limbaugh’s Death

By Craig Bannister | February 17, 2021 | 2:52pm EST
CNN's Jim Acosta
(Getty Images/Saul Loeb)

Following news that talk radio pioneer Rush Limbaugh had died following a brave battle with cancer, former President Donald Trump paid tribute to the late conservative icon in an interview on the Fox News Channel Wednesday.

CNN Anchor Jim Acosta’s reaction to the interview: anger that Fox News didn’t ask Trump about January’s mob attack on the U.S. Capitol.

“Fox News had Trump on but didn't ask him about the insurrection he caused,” Acosta tweeted. On Saturday, the Senate acquitted the former president on the charge of inciting an insurrection.

“Trump repeating his election lies as he pays tribute to Limbaugh on Fox: ‘You don't know how angry this country is... We should have had it,’” Acosta wrote in an earlier post.


In his interview, Trump was asked what Limbaugh told him after last November’s presidential election and if he had told Trump what he’d like to see him do after Joe Biden won.

Fox News: “What did Rush Limbaugh tell you after the election of November 3rd? What were those conversations like?”

Donald Trump: “Well, Rush thought we won, and so do I, by the way. I think we won substantially. And, Rush thought we won. He thought it was over at ten o’clock, ten-thirty, it was over. A lot of other people feel that way, too. But, Rush felt that way strongly. And, any people do. Many professionals do.

“And, I don't think that could have happened to a Democrat. You would've had riots going all over the place if I happened to a Democrat. We don't have the same support of certain levels of the Republican system, but we have a great people. But, Rush felt we won and he was quite angry about it.”


Fox News: “Did he say to you what role he would like to see you play next?”

Donald Trump: “We didn't talk too much about that. I didn't want to talk about that too much, either, because I was disappointed by voter tabulation. It think it's disgraceful what happened. We were like a third-world country on election night with the closing down of the centers and all of the things that happened late in the evening. And, he was furious at it. And, many people are furious. 

“You don't know how angry this country is. People were furious. But, he was somebody, at the same time, he thinks about the past, but he projects out to the future. That was Rush. He wants to learn from the past and get things fixed it, but he was somebody that really felt that was an important victory for us. We should have had, that we did have it – but, he was somebody that felt that was a very important election, and I did too. You see what's happening now.”

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