CNN’s 7-Hour Climate Change Town Hall Ratings Trounced by Fox News, MSNBC

Craig Bannister | September 6, 2019 | 3:37pm EDT
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
(Getty Images/Andrew Burton)

A seven-hour, ten-candidate CNN climate change marathon’s viewership finished well below the average audiences of rival news networks Fox News and MSNBC.

Wednesday’s CNN climate event, which ran from 5 p.m. EST to midnight, provided a platform for ten Democrat presidential hopefuls to promote their climate agendas. But, regular programming at Fox News attracted more than twice the average audience, while MSNBC’s typical fare outdrew CNN by more than a half million, according to Nielsen Media Research data reported by Fox News:

  1. Fox News: 2.5 million
  2. MSNBC: 1.7 million
  3. CNN: 1.1 million

For Wednesday night’s primetime hours (8-11 p.m. EST), CNN’s average audience was slightly higher, but still dead last among the three networks:

  1. Fox News Primetime: 3.2 million
  2. MSNBC Primetime: 2 million
  3. CNN Primetime: 1.4 million

One viewer who watched all seven hours of CNN’s climate marathon, Executive Editor Marc Morano, told Fox News the following day that the highlights of the event were the candidates’ efforts to one-up each other in terms of tax-and-spend promises:

“I watched it, so you didn’t have to. The highlights of this were, quite simply: the Democratic candidates stood on the stage at CNN last night and, literally, talked about who was going to tax, spend and regulate the American economy into saving the planet.

“Now, I’m going to give a spoiler here: Bernie Sanders wins. He was at over $16 trillion, followed by Kamala Harris at about ten, and then you drop way down to Elizabeth Warren and the three – and, then, Joe Biden, one of the biggest losers, only wants to spend $1.6 trillion.”



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