Candace Owens: If You Believe This, ‘You Might Be #BlueAnon’

By Craig Bannister | March 8, 2021 | 5:13pm EST
Candace Owens
(Getty Images/Zach Gibson)

Conservative commentator and BLEXIT leader Candice Owens shared a list of three beliefs that might indicate that a person is part of a newly-named liberal conspiracy cult dubbed “Blue Anon.”

On Sunday, Owens tweeted her list of things that might identify one as a Blue Anon member:

If you believe:

-DC is under military occupation because there are non-stop threats from Trump supporters.

-Joe Biden is the most popular American President of all time.

-Russia, Russia, Russia

You might be #BlueAnon

According to the Urban Dictionary, Blue Anon is defined as a “loosely organized network” of Democrats “who spread left-wing conspiracy theories,” such as:

  • “The Russia hoax,”
  • “Jussie Smollett hoax,”
  • “Ukraine hoax,”
  • “Covington Kids hoax,” and
  • “Brett Kavanaugh hoax.”

Blue Anon is a response to liberals who label all conservatives as members of the QAnon conspiracy group.

(Source: Urban Dictionary)



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